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Knitting with Lace Weight Yarn

You might take a look at a skein of lace-weight yarn and immediately think– oh no— this isn’t for me! The ultra-fine fiber certainly can be intimidating even for a seasoned knitter. While it’s likely the softness that attracts you to the ball of squishy goodness, working with laceweight yarns can initially seem daunting.

Do you fear picking up a ball of laceweight yarn? We’ve got a fantastic lace-weight yarn in our collection, a ton of great ideas and tips, plus a pattern that will make knitting with lace-weight yarn incredibly enJOYable… it might even become a new favorite!

Knitting with Lace Weight Yarn

Knitting with Joy, our Lace Weight Yarn

When you handle a ball of Joy, our 100% Baby Alpaca laceweight yarn quality, you’ll immediately be drawn to its’ airy softness. Just to clarify, baby alpaca does NOT mean that the yarn was sourced from baby animals, “Baby” references the fineness and incredibly supple hand feel of the yarn – a perfectly suitable fiber, (but not limited to!) “baby” knits.

Joy can knit single-stranded to create drapey, open-work lacy knits, held double with itself for a heavier gauge, or carried with another of our yarns to add texture and softness. Available in twelve colorways from vibrant shades like Bright Turquoise and Deep Pink to neutrals like Buttermilk Joy and Silver Dream, Joy comes in a palette of options that offer something for everyone!

Why Lace Weight?

  • Lace weight projects are lightweight and therefore easy to transport.
  • Holding two strands of our lace-weight Joy yarn together will thicken the gauge and therefore
    create a faster knit.
  • Lace weight yields lighter weight, less bulky garments and accessories that can be layered and
    are therefore transitional and useful for multiple seasons.
  • Stitch detail and stitch definition are easily shown in lace-weight yarn.

Joy Scarf

Our own Laura Zukaite designed this open lace motif ethereal scarf using just ONE ball of Joy yarn. This is a perfect opportunity to grab our Joy yarn to knit one for you and a friend! US 9 knitting needles paired with baby alpaca Joy yarn create this fun, fast project that’s well-suited for Spring and yet seasonless- pair it with denim in the spring, a tank in the summer, or a sweater in fall and winter. With only one ball of Joy required and some simple border design and lace repeats, you’ve got yourself a beautiful, delicate accessory.

Download FREE Pattern

How to knit with lace-weight Yarn

Ask yourself – am I a process knitter or a product knitter? The great thing about lace weight knitting is that you can be one or the other, or both, and still enjoy knitting with our Joy yarn. A process knitter fully enjoys the process of knitting. This type of crafter doesn’t mind working with tiny little stitches and projects that might take longer than others. Lace-weight yarn is perfect for process knitters!

A product knitter is motivated by the final FO (finished object) or end product. This style of knitter prefers faster knits and initially might shy away from lace-weight yarns.

Product knitters can try knitting with an open gauge (think larger needles and more open stitches) to experiment with the yarn weight. You’ll end up with a drapey finished product that is lightweight and breezy. Carrying a strand of Joy lace weight yarn together with another yarn is another option; it can not only add to the thickness of the fiber but also enhance the project’s color and depth.

Tips for Success

  1. Swatch before you start! Try gauge swatches, swatch lace motifs, stitch repeats, or anything that makes you comfortable managing lace weight yarn. Grab a four-pack of Joy baby alpaca yarn to practice with the fiber before you begin a project.
  2. Start simple. If working with lace-weight yarn is a new endeavor for yo, you might want to avoid working with an intricate stitch pattern. Getting acclimated to the yarn first will give you a confidence boost to then build upon the skill.
  3. Work in a well-lit area. Make sure you are close to a light source so as not to strain your eyes. The lace-weight yarn worked on smaller knitting needles can create teeny-tiny stitches- you’ll want to ensure you can see your work!
  4. Use sharp-tipped, smooth knitting needles. Blunt knitting needles might work for heavier-weight yarns, but when it comes to working with Joy, sharp knitting needles are your new best friend. Sharp points and smooth needles (i.e. metal) allow you to easily
    work stitches.
  5. Work slowly, and have fun! Slowing down with lace-weight yarn will help to keep a smoother tension. Most importantly, let the supple yarn slide back and forth from needle to needle, and watch as you craft a wearable heirloom with our Joy yarn.

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