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Summer Knitting Tips, Yarn Recommendations, and More!

Well, yarn lovers, we’ve made it to June. If you’re anything like me, you’re unwilling to give up your passion for knitting just because temperatures are rising. But if the thought of bulky knits or large-scale projects feels too heavy, don’t worry— I’ve got you covered! From knitting tips for the warmer temps to yarn recommendations, and a lightweight project I love for this season, you can stitch your way happily through the summer months without a sweat.

Six Tips to Make Summer Knitting More Enjoyable

  1. Knit a small project – blankets, begone! Unless you’re shivering in an air-conditioned environment, save the big knits for fall and winter. Small projects ensure that you won’t sweat or feel overwhelmed by your project. They are easily packable in a beach or overnight bag and won’t affect those tan lines!
  2. Choose lighter-weight yarns – Worsted, Aran, and bulky-weight yarns aren’t your optimal choice for crafting during the hot summer. Opt instead for lace, fingering, and sport weight yarns. Some of my favorites? Joy, our 100% baby alpaca yarn for a lightweight shawl, or Skylark, our 100% superwash wool in fingering weight for sweaters, accessories, and more. To celebrate knitting and crocheting in the summer, for the entire month of June, Skylark and Joy are 20% off!
  3. Choose your needles wisely: Metal needles can get hot in the sun! I prefer to work with wooden or plastic needles during the warmer months. Metal can also get pretty slippery and make it difficult to work on your project if your hands get sweaty.
  4. Knit in pieces – while a seamless top-down sweater is one of my favorite projects (no seaming!), knitting one in the heat can be oppressive. Rather than a heavy garment that could make your lap sweat, pick a project that is worked in pieces, and maybe bring a sleeve or a front panel to knit alfresco!
  5. Pick your time of day: While crafting is an all-day, anytime sport, fiber arts crafting can be much more comfortable when worked in the early morning when the sun isn’t yet too hot, or in the evening when things cool down.
  6. Pick your spot. Need something to keep your hands busy on a day at the beach? Bring your knitting! The ocean breeze is sure to keep you cool while you craft.

Summer Project Inspiration: Gypsy Soul Hairband

Summer Project Inspiration: Gypsy Soul Hairband

One of my favorite projects to take along and stitch up during the summer is a simple design I published, the Gypsy Soul Hairband. This accessory is a fun knit in easy-level lace that’s completely adjustable and very portable.

I knit this sample in Skylark silver dream held together with Joy in rose gold. Due to the larger gauge than the written pattern, I bumped up the needles to 3.5mm (the pattern calls for 3.25mm) and cast on 4 fewer stitches than the original pattern. I definitely could have kept the original cast-on amount and made a wider headband, however, I wanted to keep the width the same.

Summer Project Inspiration: Gypsy Soul Hairband

The possibilities with the Gypsy Soul Hairband are truly endless. Here are some of my favorite ideas for color combinations:

Denim looks are trending and Skylark in midnight teal paired with Joy in Blue Bird is a fantastic tonal combination to match your overall shorts and denim dresses.

Buttermilk Skylark and Buttermilk Joy is an additional tonal combination that I just LOVE.

Buttermilk Skylark and Buttermilk Joy is an additional tonal combination that I just LOVE.

Tonals are a lot of fun, and I also enjoy using hot colors to accent neutrals. Skylark in Stormy Sky gets a new twist when you carry Joy in Deep Pink together. It really adds a fun pop of color.

Skylark in Spring Blue and Joy in Snow is another fun combination to try!

Skylark in Spring Blue and Joy in Snow is another fun combination to try!

The bottom line? Summer doesn’t have to be a time when we pause our knitting and crochet habits – we just need to get creative with how we go about it! Be sure to take advantage of our summer sales with Skylark and Joy at 20% off all month long!

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