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Colorful Granny Squares with Marvel Yarn

What is a Granny Square? Where did they originate? Granny Squares, or scrappy fabric crochet bursts of color, date back to the 1800’s. While these crochet building blocks are aptly named for the “grannies” who made them popular— modern-day granny square projects are far from your grandmother’s itchy afghan. Crocheted in flat rows, granny squares can be constructed using a variety of stitches from basic double crochet to more intricate, textural stitches like the puff stitch. The granny square is beloved for its’ portability, its ability to easily picked up and put down, and it’s simple, meditative nature.

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The first documented granny square pattern was found in 1885, in an issue of Illinois’ Prairie Farmer Magazine, the oldest agricultural publication. While granny squares have always been a staple for crochet garments and accessories, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Summer festivals have inspired looks that include granny square sundresses, sling bags, bucket hats, and crop tops adorned with fringe. Crocheting granny squares leaves flexibility for open, airy projects by adding slip stitches, or for more dense, structured accessories.

Granny Squares with Marvel Yarn

Marvel Yarn for Granny Squares

Our Marvel yarn is a sport-weight blend comprised of 60% Superwash Merino, 20% Acrylic, and 20% Nylon. This combination of fibers promises a soft, durable, and easy-care result. Steam blocking is a great way to gently and beautifully set your end project. The addition of acrylic yarn adds softness to the hand feel of a primarily Superwash Merino yarn.

Granny Squares with Marvel Yarn

Marvel is available in an array of colors from neutrals like Hazel Wood and Pearl River, to bolder options such as Ruby Shoes and Bright Sapphire. Our offering of twelve shades leaves room for endless color combinations for crocheting granny squares. Priced at just $4.98/ ball, Marvel is an accessible yarn option; cost-sensitive and yet has a luxurious feel.

FREE Pattern with Granny Squares

Our designer Vanessa Coscarelli Black of VanessaKnits has made it simple for you to get started on your next granny square project! Vanessa has designed a simple FREE crochet project with our Marvel yarn.

This pattern is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to crochet granny squares. (All 30+ patterns on our website are free to download for registered users with email signup!) Vanessa’s design is a simple headband consisting of three granny squares complete with functional ties for the ultimate adjustability and comfort. This Easy+ level pattern is a great project to get comfortable with granny squares, practice various crochet stitches, and experiment with color combinations.

knitting step by step

The Granny Square Headband uses Marvel in Bright Sapphire, Gold Star, Hibiscus Flower, and Hazel Wood colorways. As you’ll notice, Vanessa has used the three brighter colorways to construct the granny squares in a different order for each square and kept the border neutral with Marvel yarn in Hazel Wood.

Since the headband requires such little yardage, you can create multiple crochet projects from the four balls of Marvel. Creating multiple headbands in various color combinations is an option, and you’ll have plenty of yarn left over for an additional project if you so desire. The possibilities are endless!

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Color Combinations with Granny Squares

Granny square crochet projects offer an opportunity to work with different color combinations and make it simple and fun to match back to your outfit or preferred color palette. Simply switching up the order of colors allows you to create completely unique granny squares. This is where the fun comes in! While the pattern requires four balls of Marvel yarn, don’t let that stop you from trying even more colors from the Marvel color palette, and making each granny square a brand-new color combination.

Styling Granny Squares

Vanessa paired her headband with a classic denim button-up shirt over a lime tank for an extra pop of color. Her granny square headband adds a touch of flair to a classic look, really allowing her hand-crocheted accessory to be the center of attention. The Granny Square Headband elevates a T-shirt and jeans look, and can serve as a bold accessory to a simple cotton sundress.

Sizing and Customizing with Granny Squares

What’s the beauty of a handmade project? Customization! When working with granny squares, not only are you in charge of creating color combinations in any arrangement your heart desires, but the beauty of this crochet project is that you can add or remove squares to accommodate different sizes. Another easy way to make this the perfect size for YOU is to make the ties longer if you need added length.

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